Rebearth is a mysterious first person puzzle where you as a guardian is born to wake up the planet from deep sleep. For four weeks, as a part of a project at Futuregames, a team of 10 people worked together to complete this game. We learned a lot from each other. My focus on the project was foliage, set dressing and materials in UE4.

I made the master material for our rocks to help the game look more natural. That made it easy to change the rocks in Unreal Engine. With it, you can customize how much sand there will be on a rock and you can paint with vertex color where you want the sand to be. You can change the scale of the tiling texture and the top layer is world alligned.
The sand will only be placed on top of the rock, so if you rotate the rock, the sand will still be at the top.

I made a splinetool in blueprint to help out placing the foliage that would grow on walls. It randomizes the rotation, size and mesh. There is also a slider that defines how much will grow on the spline.


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