Congratulations, you just found my portfolio page!
As you might have found out by now, my name is Amanda Gyllin. I like to write it with big letters so you don’t miss it. But a name tells you nothing about me, so that’s why I have this ”About me” section.

I just finished studying at Futuregames in Stockholm where I learned a lot about 3D-Graphics for games. I’m currently working as a 3D-Artist at Axolot Games.

Who am I? I am a listener, a dreamer and a planner. I am curious and always eager to learn new things. I love to travel and explore when I get the chance.
Something that motivates me is to see other people’s work, listen to feedback and give feedback. I like to surround myself with people who are really talented, because that makes my motivation and my creativity level go up. I want to reach their level so we can play together.

I want to become a great Environment Artist some day, making foliage, props and buildings. Even though I will never be the best, I will always try to become better and learn new things.

Eleven years ago, I was sure I wanted to be a Photographer. So I went all-in on photoshoots and photoshopping for a few years.
All that changed when I studied at Blekinge Institute of Technology and learned Maya for the first time. The final project at the school I made a short animated movie in 3D by myself. That’s when I realized that there was so much more to learn, so the next five years I’ve spent learning various 3D-programs and techniques. So nowadays when I’m photographing, I’m taking a lot pictures of ground, dirt and other stuff that inspires me or could make a great alpha mask.

When I’m not making 3D related stuff, I enjoy taking a beer with my friends, reading Harry Potter (yes, again) or playing a game.


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