I made the hairstyles for the survival release, some from an existing zBrush blockouts and some all new. The default male and female haircut you can see above was already existing in the game, and I made new high-poly and new texture for them so that they would fit the other hairstyles.

The textures for the hairstyles are baked from a uv-mapped highpoly mesh to get the normal and colored hairstrands. Everything was set up in Substance Designer so that when I made new hairstyles I could reuse the setup. I could just bake the new meshes and it would output the normal, diffuse and directional map for me.

I had never really done hair before, but I had so much fun making these hairstyles! One thing that I really love is that you can have all of the hairstyles for both male and female. When making this hairstyle for example, it was supposed to be for male, but I really like it on a female character. It’s so cute!