Hello hello! It’s sunday again and the challenge has reached halftime! Everything in my scene is still pretty much blockout pieces, but there’s still four weeks left!

Okay, so where to begin? I had a thought about roads where vehicles could transport stuff, powered by magnets. So where the cars can go there will be metal. And to make it cheap, easy and airy they made the roads with thin metal mesh.

Here is my road material that I made in Substance designer:

What do the people in my city eat? Well, they eat humbuggers, made with 100% bugs. Cheap and filled with lots of protein! For dessert, why not have a lice cream? Pretty much no sugar in, but still good. Vending machines is also perfect for introverts. You don’t have to interact with other people, just blip your chip and out comes a lovely bugger!

I made a hologram material in UE4 for my vendingmachines that has a panning texture and is floating. I made the old glitch material to a material function instead, so I could use it in other materials, such as this one.

The bugger made with Maya and Substance Designer:

 The lice cream made with Zbrush, Maya and Substance designer:


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